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Main Comparison Detecting Forum

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AnnouncementsLast Post
AnnouncementThread four03/05/2020 12:37PM
AnnouncementThread three03/05/2020 12:37PM
AnnouncementThread two03/05/2020 12:36PM
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Comparisons................ MUST read.

by Elton
2,756 212/31/2018 12:09PM
Last Post by JBM

You can probably see that the name of the forum has changed.

by Guvner
2,681 110/08/2018 08:29PM
Last Post by Guvner

DC Phase

by Larry (IL)
12,087 107/18/2008 12:19PM
Last Post by Larry (IL)

How to use Block Edit

by Larry (IL)
10,917 102/07/2008 01:56PM
Last Post by Larry (IL)

Iron Masking.........Getting more with less discrimination

by Larry (IL)
13,078 102/07/2008 12:06PM
Last Post by Larry (IL)

Larry's Program

by Larry (IL)
22,509 112/03/2007 10:27AM
Last Post by Larry (IL)

Any whites vx3 users how do you compare it vs a v3i

by juit
821 501/24/2020 11:20AM
Last Post by #1Leatherneck

White's GMX Sport - New technology

by #1Leatherneck
13 101/24/2020 04:03AM
Last Post by #1Leatherneck

White's 6000/Di Pro SL Brought back to life!   (Pages: 1 2)

by HaloEffect426
14,700 1701/19/2020 04:03PM
Last Post by woody

vx3 and dfx depth

by jimmy clark
31 101/19/2020 03:03PM
Last Post by jimmy clark

Equinox VS Explorer..

by John, in Nawth Carolina
506 501/11/2020 01:16AM
Last Post by u2robert

Anfibio Multi or Minelab Equinox 600,, pro's & con's?

by GA1dad
940 301/08/2020 11:58PM
Last Post by jmaclen

Blank Check For Whites.

by umax
3,833 1001/03/2020 09:59PM
Last Post by WormKiller

Nokta Makro Simplex Metal Detector vs Minelab Vanquish   (Pages: 1 2)

by CoinHunter2
4,380 1912/24/2019 04:53PM
Last Post by Texan

Made in USA White's XL Pro VS Chinese Version.. Jpeg Attachments

by karelian
627 912/22/2019 03:57PM
Last Post by bootyhoundpa

Anyone have feedback on whites 6000 di pro sl:shrug: Jpeg Attachments

by C.J.M.
922 512/19/2019 12:09PM
Last Post by Flintstone

MX-7 or Simplex

by Rob183
2,234 1212/14/2019 11:18PM
Last Post by Bigtom123

What shoud a used Spectrum XLT detector go for ?   (Pages: 1 2)

by Cal_Cobra
31,075 1612/14/2019 04:51PM
Last Post by Smithalbig

Thinking about selling my E - Tracand three coils to buy a new equinox

by Kevin3
1,684 212/06/2019 06:03AM
Last Post by Mkus

MX7 strikes silver Jpeg Attachments

by dfmike
412 312/05/2019 12:11AM
Last Post by dirt doctor

XP ORX or NOX800

1,423 1312/03/2019 07:54AM
Last Post by Southwind

Deus in high mineralized soils? Or Equinox?

by RobG
2,075 511/24/2019 12:45PM
Last Post by Daniel Tn

Whites 6.59MHz Machines Obsolete?   (Pages: 1 2 3)

by berryman
24,195 3711/23/2019 09:54AM
Last Post by ufobbs

:help:Need some help MX-5 vs. Vaquero :shrug: Gif Attachments

by C.J.M.
414 411/22/2019 11:46AM
Last Post by Tahts-a-dats-ago

Garret ATX vs Garret Recon

by Trooper5
429 711/12/2019 11:15PM
Last Post by JJames1610

Equinox vs ATX

by JJames1610
1,080 711/09/2019 07:22AM
Last Post by JJames1610

The Nokta/Makro Simplex+ is doing great. Jpeg Attachments

1,321 811/06/2019 05:48PM
Last Post by hairymonsterman

Pin pointers   (Pages: 1 2)

by Mike(NC)
3,930 1910/25/2019 03:14PM
Last Post by Monte

Whites MX7 double silver dimes Jpeg Attachments

by dfmike
917 210/25/2019 01:58PM
Last Post by ohio fred

Nox 800 or ORX for freshwater jewelry hunting

by Lake Hunter
747 710/16/2019 09:06PM
Last Post by laplander

If you had a choice between EQ600 or Single Freq Anfibio   (Pages: 1 2)

by bigtim1973
4,933 2210/11/2019 09:51AM
Last Post by Mkus

An Oldie but a Goodie   (Pages: 1 2)

by JEF
2,643 1810/03/2019 09:49PM
Last Post by juit

Comparison coil hunting

by Dancer
1,974 210/01/2019 05:19AM
Last Post by Sven

Racer 2 versus the Simplex

by percy gibson
1,211 509/18/2019 02:11PM
Last Post by bulletman

Dual field coil weight ?

by SWMO Mark
2,372 509/12/2019 12:45AM
Last Post by timmysys

Whites dual field battery question

by vernt
4,433 1009/08/2019 07:57AM
Last Post by timmysys