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Good morning made another day above grass :jump:
Posted by: C.J.M.
Date: November 02, 2019 06:44AM
Yep, nice to get up and see you are still around to fight the devil :devil:another day.Thought came to my mind about the good old days when times were more pleasant and people were kind to each other.When you left the house you did not lock up anything just try that today:look:Things were simple in those days there were no freebies everybody worked.Some of you guys should have been around the 40's-----early 60's people looked after each other the best they could.Now its all lies,fake news back stabbing, throat cutters,demonic spirits in politicians who curse the word of god.If
the LORD JESUS was to walk our streets I wonder how he would be treated :sadwalk:Politicians would attack him for not bring P.C.Sin has become the way of life crimes run ramped in our streets.The poor kids at the age of 7 are being forced by parents to become trans gender:nono: now we have trans gender dolls they can play with??Satan knows his time is short so look out world he will be knocking at your door.GOD bless those who stay faithful an endure the pains of life.

Re: Good morning made another day above grass :jump:
Posted by: Missouri--Ma Betty
Date: November 03, 2019 01:48AM
LOL--like the cartoons--Yes the days of yore were more godly & peaceful! Mom & dad left the house door on the farm unlocked when we went to town are visiting & no one ever bothered anything but then they built the new house in the 60's--went to town & came back home, the house & sheds were robbed because all the keys were hung where anyone could get & use them & the thieves did--stole antiques & WWII Red, White & Blue Wooden Victory PINS & many other goodies but I think when they heard mom & dad returning, because you could hear & see them coming & most PPL knew how long they would be gone,so didn't steal everything but to have your house broken into & personal possessions taken IS A HATE & An ANGRY MAKER! But far worse today--thieves watch ya come & go & nothing is safe from them even PPL suffer their harmful hatred! Gonna get worse during the great tribulation with its LAWLESSNESS coming upon the whole earth but, hopefully, God's faithful saints will be gone with Jesus flying His own away by then! If not ready for His coming, you better get ready & stay ready for we know not the day nor hour of His returning but we can know the TIME & we are almost there! Just a few more years & hell on earth will break loose--So pray to be found worthy to be caught up into the air & go with Jesus, even if mortal death comes first, we must be saved to go with Jesus & have everlasting life! Blessed is His Holy name! AMEN! Ma