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2020 relics.
Posted by: 7centsworth
Date: January 01, 2020 04:39PM
Went back to the place I found the gold coin and found some more goodies. Several I need ID’s on. This place has been bulldozed and everything I was digging was 4 inches or less today. I found some revolver bullets and some round balls and a eagle button. Not sure what the nail looking thing is. It has beveled edges and looks to be brass. Also the two iron things in the left. The one on the right looks to be a knife. The two pictures with the small thing is a front and back and I’m not sure what it is.

Christian Ky Boy
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Re: 2020 relics.
Posted by: Missouri--Ma Betty
Date: January 01, 2020 08:13PM
Congrats on more finds--Identify? Not me! Good Luck & God's Blessings, Travis! Ma

Well done brother!...
Posted by: Mike from MI "Iron Brigade"
Date: January 02, 2020 08:33AM
The small one is a rivet, looks like it still has leather in the middle. We find lots of these on CW sites. Find them here too. The bent iron piece I believe is a black powder percussion lock main spring from inside the lock mechanism of the gun. Neat finds indeed. That one would be cool after electrolysis. Not sure about the small piece, could be a brass nail.