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Deleon dig numbers?
Posted by: woodchuck1127
Date: September 15, 2019 08:50PM
Anybody using the Tesoro Deleon have definite dig number for nickels, dimes, quarters . silver and so forth?

Re: Deleon dig numbers?
Posted by: Dig-a-holic
Date: September 16, 2019 11:12AM
You can probably watch this Youtube vid and see his. Although a lot depends on soil composition and depth. The deeper the target the numbers will be off.

Re: Deleon dig numbers?
Posted by: thump7
Date: January 03, 2020 02:47PM
The Cortes I had was a very accurate detector. If I remember right, nickels we’re almost always 21, dimes 80-81 quarters and up fell into the 95+ range but on the 9 segment bar graph of the Cortes I could tell roughly what was what. The bar graph on the machine I had was also very actuate.
I remember when pinpointing if quickly passing the coil back and forth over the target it would lock on pretty good and give very stable ID’s even when the target was detection fringe deep.
If you get a stable, locking #18-29 the potential for a ladies ring is very good! Trash targets like to bounce all over but round.. like most detectors likes to lock on quite well. On this machine the locking effect vs. Bouncing # is very pronounced compared to other machines I’ve used.
I picked up a cz6 once. This thing could air-test a dime at 11.5- 12”! I was like wow! This is the deepest machine I’ve ever owned.
I took both machines out to and old one room school site that I had absolutely pounded with the Cortes( same circuitry as Deleon, just a couple more id features and toggle switches). I worked it hard, dug some deep iffy targets, most of which turned out to be bottlecaps, foil and such. I’d recheck them with the Cortes to see if it could hit them, it did. After finding one that rang up high into silver and gave and eaqual amount of iron grunts on the cz, I took the Cortes over. It sounded off Similarly.. The cz was giving a bunch of iron grunts mixed in with the high tone but I could lift the coil about 3” before completely loosing the signal. On the Cortes while scrubbing the coil on the ground I could start to get a fairly stable 80 out of it but I’d loose the signal if I lifted the coil about 1- 2”. It was a very iffy target. I slowly dug the target to find a silver dime sitting almost perfectly on edge at 6.5” deep.
It was a good lesson for me to see just how differently a detector responds to targets on edge vs. Laying flat.

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Re: Deleon dig numbers?
Posted by: Stoof-tabsallday
Date: January 10, 2020 01:40AM
I usually use the "probability graphs" as I call them.
The DeLeon may need 4 it more swings over the Target to dial in what it is.
I know silver always shows up as 95 and most quarters do too.
But I use the graph more than the numbers.
If you need to know get your hands on different years nickels and air test them.
I have found with all my tesoros that nickels can vary on where they disc out on the knob depending on the year. Not so much 1-2 year differences, but between decades they definitely do for me.

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