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9 volt batteriesfor tesoro
Posted by: bigdawg47
Date: January 13, 2020 01:16PM
what brand of 9 volt battery do you use for a tesoro or do you use a rechragable 9 volt thanks hal

Re: 9 volt batteriesfor tesoro
Posted by: JEF
Date: January 13, 2020 09:09PM
I just use Energizer 9 volts and they seem to last quite a while. I bought a bunch of them in bulk on &$#.ay for a pretty good price. Duracell should be good too.

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Re: 9 volt batteriesfor tesoro
Posted by: Stoof-tabsallday
Date: January 14, 2020 11:20PM
That can be tricky choosing. Unlike other sizes of batteries not all 9 volts are the same size. Many are taller than others.
I use Duracell because they aren't as tall as some others.
I made the mistake with my tesoro 8 of using utilitech and other batteries in it and it's now permanently compressed the battery terminals.
If I do use a Duracell or Energizer now in it I have to put a folded paper shim at the bottom or it doesn't make contact with the terminals and is loose in the compartment.
I got li ion 9 volts but they are also too tall. They now go in smoke detectors lol.
If you have a Duracell or Energizer, even if it's dead, save it to compare to others you may find and you'll see what I mean about height difference. I was very surprised to see the amount of variation in size between different brands.

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I tried 9 volt NiMH batteries in a CZ.
Posted by: vlad
Date: January 16, 2020 07:13AM
I got about 4 to 5 hours of use as opposed to 15 or so with alkalines (brands make a big difference.)
And rechargeables will self discharge in storage--Stored at 70 degrees F (20 C) NiMH batteries will lose up to 40% of their charge within a month
Alkalines not in use lose about 1% per year.

Re: 9 volt batteriesfor tesoro
Posted by: jmaclen
Date: January 16, 2020 09:59AM
I use Tenergy NiMH and EBL Lithium Ion rechargeables in my Cibola, Minuteman, F19 and Garrett pinpointers. I have not experienced much storage loss, certainly not almost 40% on good quality rechargeables.
I have some rechargeable batteries that are at least 10 years old that still fully charge and work fine. I just carry plenty of charged spares either in my pouch or car.


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I use a quality Alkaline 9-V battery.
Posted by: Monte
Date: January 17, 2020 03:25AM
First, re-read the reply by 'Stoof-tabsallday' for the biggest precaution to take. Many people haven't and it often results in problems, and that is using any battery that is over-sized. Oversized doesn't only mean the battery's length, but also the width and thickness. If over-sized a battery can over-compress the metal battery terminals in the 'drop-on' types. Being too large can also wedge them in the battery compartment, or make it difficult to slide on a battery compartment door. That can result in a cracked / broken plastic door, or wedge a battery so tightly it needs to be pried out.

This can more often happen with a rechargeable battery, but I have seen it too many times with some alkaline batteries as well. You should never have to force a battery into position.

Now, by 'quality' I am, not referring to any specific brand, either. Some batteries are what we might call an 'off-brand' meaning a bulk production or just not long-standing, well-known name. Some are a 'house-brand' battery made for a particular business. Then there are some major names that have production facilities in different parks of the world, and while some do produce a well-made battery with very reliable 'run-times' and performance, there are also many that make an inferior battery. They might be a lower voltage, or have a more variable voltage out of one package, and just not provide an ample 'run-time' .... even though they might have a higher retail price simply because the package has a popular brand name.

So, learn as you go. I don't always make a decision based on where the packaging says a battery was made. But if I find a battery that is not very impressive, I remember the warning signs and don't buy it again. I just remember those that do work Okay, and then I shop for a better price so that I get the best 'run-time' I can at a more affordable price. For example, about October or so I went to the local grocery store. A 'Thriftway' family store that carried Western Family' house brand items, but they had been bought out and the new company, I believe it is called Food Club, had their house-brand items repackaged. As I walked past the Customer Service counter I spied a price-tag on the battery display that read, in big bold numbers, 99¢.

Yes, that was for their 9-Volt Alkaline Battery! I had an extra $10 so I bought 10 of them, but that was just an unadvertised 2-Day sale, and I went back the next day and they had been cleaned out.:( I've used them before and I knew thy were a proper physical size, and they provided decent performance, so I bought a few extras for my Emergency Battery, Flashlight and Radio Tote,

Just make sure they are a 'proper-fit' size, and alkaline, not a standard or heavy-duty battery. Then be alert for any weak-performing batteries and avoid them in the future.


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Re: I use a quality Alkaline 9-V battery.
Posted by: kittlitz
Date: January 17, 2020 12:28PM
I've been using the Powerex 9.6V, 230mA NiMh rechargeables and find they work really well. They're "slow discharge", so retain their charge for a long time. Size-wise, I haven't noticed any issues with them fitting into the battery compartment.