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A few finds videos with simple beep and dig machines
Posted by: Ziggy J
Date: January 14, 2020 12:18PM
Hello all

I made a couple of finds videos I’d thought I would share with you, some of the finds you might of seen before and some not.

Also made a little comment on a Facebook page about how Metal Detecting didn’t have to be complicated and many agreed and I truly stand by this, some folks change Detectors like it’s a fashion thing and some just go and buy the latest hyped machine, each to their own and that’s fair enough truly.

But I truly feel if you stick with one machine and learn the machine like I have with the likes of the Vista Gold Gain the rewards of what detecting is all about can be very beneficial especially when pulling items in tricky areas.

It’s all about finding items and the easier this can be done the more rewarding the hobby will become for you especially once you’ve learnt a machine and trust it.

Anyway enough babble and here is the links to two of the finds montage videos.