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Re: Any of you guys do this ?
Posted by: GeorgeinSC
Date: September 03, 2019 12:31PM
I refer to that swing as the Tiger woods swing. I see a guy at the beach frequently that uses that swing. Coil never gets closer to the sand than 6 to 8 inches and is at least a foot off the sand at each end of his swing. He never grids an area and just walks straight down the beach. What is irritating is that the rascal finds stuff.

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Re: Any of you guys do this ?
Posted by: bklein
Date: September 09, 2019 12:34PM
I walk fast when targets are few due to sanded in conditions or if I want to go from one high traffic area to another quickly. If I hit a target I check if it is a fluke recent drop or a target zone. I also am enjoying the environment and gridding an area without target indications sounds like work. If you work the same beach you learn it and know to slow down on a good day. Problem is as I get older my body is punishing me more and eventually I will have to slow down.