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Hurricane Dorian
Posted by: Mkus
Date: August 30, 2019 05:59AM
Stay safe anyone from Florida Terry Shannon love your videos going to be a cat 4-5 when it makes landfall!

Re: Hurricane Dorian
Posted by: GeorgeinSC
Date: September 03, 2019 12:33PM
The question is it going to make land fall at all. I have been listening to the weather guessers for the past four days trying to decide if I should get the heck out of dodge and if one listens to three different guessers they will give you three different guesses.

So I guess time will tell where it is going to go and what it is going to do.

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Safety is so over-rated
Posted by: Tom_in_CA
Date: September 03, 2019 08:33PM
Forget safety ! Safety is over-rated and is for sissies ! Storms are the EXACT time you want to be at the beach (well ... at least as soon as the tide pulls out a bit). Gotta get on the beach erosion when the pickens are good ! :detecting:

Re: Hurricane Dorian
Posted by: tvr
Date: September 03, 2019 10:46PM
My Aunt and Uncle had a property 4 blocks from the beach in Mexico Beach Florida. They sold it a year before Hurricane Michael flattened the place. The drone footage showed that the place they had owned was completely flattened. When there are emergency situations and evacuation orders, let the first responders get in and make sure the area has been searched and reasonably secured before going in to detect. To say safety is for sissies in serious public safety situations is very immature and irresponsible ... PERIOD!

Re: Hurricane Dorian
Posted by: dewcon4414
Date: September 04, 2019 05:36AM
Locals always have the advantage of knowing the area and beaches. If you time it wrong could be putting out a lot of money with very little hunting. Lot of unknowns as to the damage.... utilities.... housing. I believe Tom was talking more to the local guys who could watch and choose the right moment. Lot flatter beaches than CA....... so what will be thrown up maybe much higher on the beach.

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Re: Hurricane Dorian
Posted by: VGHOST
Date: September 11, 2019 03:17PM
A few Notes on this post...I was down at Bon-Steel Park and hit a few other sites as well the day after Dorian hit. I counted 22 detectorist along my way. Nice to see everyone looking for the gold. That being stated, I am from Cocoa and am learning that area. While there are many places to hunt, alot of places to look over, I am still new to that area. So I got this IDEA in my head and wanted to throw it out there..We are all after the same thing..Anyone ever thought about a meet and greet to discuss places to Hunt? I have several pieces of Literature that I use to go over areas but i lack the common knowledge of the area like the Great Terry Shannon has. That guy is amazing, hats off to him. And to people like Old Beech Nut who, I an grateful for his insight and wisdom knowing how to fix my excal...
The Storm destroyed an area of the islands. And while some folks would rather go out in it and try to get there first to find it.......I know first hand what a storm like Dorian can do. I lived in Houston bay when it flooded back in the 70's. I live 7 blocks from the water and my sister lived across the street from the houses on the water...When the rains and flooding came......after it was over..her house was completely under water. My house...had 9 foot of water in it. I remember because my Dog was lost in that storm...So when making plans to go...Safety IS a priority because you might find the spot never bring home the gold if your not careful..
IF anyone wants to try to set up a Meet and greet. Discuss ideas, places, share thoughts on there metal detecting skills or just shoot the @#$%& and hopefully Learn something.....I am open to it....Do they even have Metal detecting Meet and Greets?? If they do can someone please let me know so I can show up at one!
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