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Posted by: Tom_in_CA
Date: September 23, 2019 09:48AM
Haha. I don't dispute that there are machines today, that are far superior , at low conductors (alloyed gold jewelry) than the selections of the mid to late 1970s. Back then the work-horses were the VLF/TR machines (that could not find dainty chains or earring studs, unless you had it in all-metal mode). And the 6000D, for example. Which was great on silver, but not so keen on nickels and low conductors as much. Even all through the 1980s, the powerhouse motion discriminators coming out were great for silver, but not so keen on low conductors.

Versus today, yes, you have machines that will do fine on deep silver, yet .... can be tweeked to "ring the bells of Notre dame" on teensy low conductor stuff, all at the same time. Thus yes, theoretically, they should be "better on [alloyed] gold", right ?

Yet there's never been a time, in the 1970s to the present, where md'rs couldn't have gone out, even with the old machines, and "filled their aprons" full of low conductors. eh ?

The only benefit of the new breeds of machines (like the Nox), in-so-far as ability on low conductors, would be if someone wants to go angle for micro-jewelry. If so, then heaven help that poor soul if he ends up in a junky park. And sure, the beach is less punishing (assuming you're on the wet inter-tidal when mother nature has washed out all the light aluminum). But eventually, you have to ask yourself : After you've gathered a dozen tinsel thin chains and some earring studs, you come to the realization that a SINGLE SMALL RING outweighs the combined weight of all the micro-jewelry.

Perhaps the new breeds provide a cross-over to nugget hunting. But as far as gold jewelry, no, I don't see any advantages, given the type places we md'rs hunt. There was never a lack of low conductors to choose from, in the first place. Wake me up when they've invented a machine that can tell aluminum apart from gold.

Re: New Machine And More Finds
Posted by: dewcon4414
Date: October 05, 2019 06:27AM
Vlad...... the MSRP could be higher than that.... but look at the other machines they sell. They have a high MSRP ...say $700, so im still guessing the real price paid will be around $2000.

Even old tech has been improved .... look what joes done with the Xcal. Its still THE water machine being compared to. There have been some good improvements..... weight, material both the machine and shafts, recovery time and depth. An inch is an inch. The Nox is a good example of a powerful, reasonable priced, GREAT warranty, which brings some new ideas..... 3 piece shaft, throw away tech, magnet charging, better TID screen....... you can see the darn thing under water even. I believe its proven multi freq is working better than most other single freq machines. We also have a multi use machine ..... which everyone wants. Machines cost..... and if you have to buy several ... they cost a lot. There is still a lot of work to be done .... shafts, arm cuffs, water behind the screen, and coil ears need some work as does tweaking those modes. You talk about gold ..... i saw what appears to be a tremendous amount of gold being found and not just at the beach. Gold coins .... jewelry ... in parks and relic hunting is being found in crazy amounts to me. BUT ... in a lot of ways the more you hunt with a machine the more you get the best out of it..... so YOU are a very important part of what you find.

Ive upped my game with both the Nox and MDT..... especially in the high K ones. Was it weight, different type people coming to my beaches, OR machines..... or was ijust hunting with more intensity?

MDT 8000, EQ 800, CTX, Blue Xcals
Dew Meeker

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Re: New Machine And More FindsN/T
Posted by: Mkus
Date: October 09, 2019 07:27AM

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Re: New Machine And More Finds
Posted by: okara gold
Date: October 09, 2019 05:27PM
I'm hoping the Impulse is out by Christmas as mentioned earlier this year. If not.... then I too may give up hope and go for something else.

Re: New Machine And More Finds
Posted by: denny45
Date: October 12, 2019 12:11PM
I was wondering with new machines being released with new technology
Are you guys and ladies finding more jewelry (gold )
In my area it seems to be getting worse every year
I have gone all summer with not a new piece of gold (was out 25 Xs from 7/4-9/4)
I can’t justify buying a new machine when I can’t find what I am looking for
So I am asking are you people finding more gold with the new technology these machine have to offer or are you in the same boat
I think it’s getting worse. See people taking off their gold jewelry before going into the water. Spot price for gold has been high for years it’s around $1500 an ounce now. New technology might help you get those deepies that others pass.

Re: New Machine And More Finds
Posted by: sandbandit
Date: January 05, 2020 12:08AM
I'm with Tom (CA) - if you aren't regularly digging up lots of "low conductors" like aluminum (pull tabs, foil, can slaw), brass, lead, stainless steel, nickels, bottle caps, and tiny iron targets - then you are missing most of the gold targets too. There's no magic technological solution to be gained by buying the newest machine to hit the market, and the best discrimination out there is your own eyes. If in doubt, dig it up - a lot of trashy sounding targets turn out to be great finds!

Good luck!!

San Diego