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Fisher 1260-x
Posted by: u2robert
Date: June 23, 2019 12:15PM
Has anyone used this detector? what ate the pros & cons? Thank You

:fisher:Fisher 1260-x Dave Johnson FRL (the designer):
Posted by: vlad
Date: June 24, 2019 03:46AM
"The 1260 is a 30 year old design...The 1260-X was a very good machine in its day, it changed the industry and quickly became a "classic". Have fond memories of it, it was my first commercial metal detector design. But beepers have come a long ways in the last 30 years, and nowadays just about everything over $150 made in the USA will embarrass it..... The Delta ($250-300) will run rings around the 1260 and give you target ID while doing it."

It its day (1982) it set a new standard going with the 2-pole (2 filter design); slower motion and better depth in moderate ground, and as I recall did not have a pinpoint mode. (Preset ground balance.)
You can substitute the user's guide for a 65X or 66X, and field tests.
(there are many videos on youtube)
This is just one.
(You will probably get more responses @ the Vintage Forum)

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Re: :fisher:Fisher 1260-x Dave Johnson FRL (the designer):
Posted by: u2robert
Date: June 26, 2019 05:13PM
Thank You for the info

Re: :fisher:Fisher 1260-x Dave Johnson FRL (the designer):
Posted by: goldnugget
Date: September 09, 2019 10:40PM
It’s still a Great Detector in my Arsenal- My headphone jack went bad and I had it replaced about 2years ago plus any cosmetic that was available . My other ( 2) Best Detecting Couple and I ordered 3. Fisher 1260 X in 1982 It put all the other detector’s to shame on the Beach. The Fisher 1260 X is also a Great Detector in Detector Treasure Hunts with a Fast Single Response . Mine had the Extra Frequency Selector to block out interference from other Detector,s It,s a Gold Ring Killer on the Beach if you don,t mind a few pop top,s goldnugget