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Saved a Fisher 1235-x
Posted by: Ben Town
Date: November 01, 2019 05:59PM
My neighbor had a 1235-x that they were trying to get rid of and I said I’d look into it and show them a web site to put it up for sale.
They bought it new and never used it. Didn’t want to mess with selling it and just gave it to me.
I put it together and installed two batteries and it fired right up.
I’ve read the manual and decided to give it to my brother that wants to get into the hobby.
If I get a nice day I’ll take it out in the Detector garden and see what it can do and do some air testing too.
Any thoughts on this older model that I know nothing about, it’s looks easier to learn than my CTX was.
I’ll get my brother going and see how it goes.